Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An evening reminiscing

Sex with her was fucking hot. Summer time sex is always best. She was incredibly sweet,soft and luscious. Her willingness to do as I wished was a big turn on, she was good at serving her master.

For those of you whom  have never had the pleasure of being with a woman, those of you whom may have thought about it but then talked yourself out of it read on and continue dreaming.

Today is an evening reminiscent of happier times. For a while now I have felt neglected and miss having my girl by my side. Let the reminiscing continue....

This particular girl, wow!! She was just like me in almost every way. It was freakishly weird. One day she was over and my husband and I actually fooled his mother into thinking this girl was me. That is how identical we looked.

I  miss the smoothness of her curves, the softness of her lips and the gentle but firm embrace of her body. I loved how she was up for trying new things.I have missed that in my life and long for it back. So  recently, I have been thinking about my kinky side. I am not the kinda girl that gets turned on by pain or torture but I love to please my partner seeing them aroused is such a big turn on. I love to dominate and lead so if she wanted me to bite her neck and pinch to her sweet perky nipples, count me in!

For me nothing gets me more wet than romantic bondage that is light but sensual. I love Hair pulling, neck biting, light bondage, spanking or even whipping. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about fucking.

The power of the past can set forth the pleasure of what's to become!